The Lymphatic System: Your Body’s Unsung Hero

The lymphatic system is your body's unsung hero.

While the circulatory system, with its mighty heart and branching network of blood vessels, often takes center stage in discussions about the human body, there is another crucial system that operates silently in the background, supporting our overall health and well-being. This unsung hero is the lymphatic system, a complex network of vessels, nodes, and […]

Massage Therapists Love To Hear Your Stomach Growl!

Massage Therapists Love To Hear Your Stomach Growl

It happens at least once every day: a client tenses up just a little and apologizes for the rumbling coming from their abdomen.  For some, it is a passing thought.  However, some clients get quite embarrassed. Your stomach growling is a great sign that the massage is “working”.  Massage therapists love to hear your stomach […]

Shoveling Tips For Avoiding Injury

Stay pain-free by using these shoveling tips for avoiding injury

Keeping these tips in mind can keep your back pain-free. By Carmela Wiese, LMT Wisconsin weather can keep us on our toes, particularly when it comes to the winter to spring transition. It goes without saying that many of the thoracic injuries we see after a big snow is often due to muscular strain while […]